S We have received permission to install the extremely popular art project by American photographer Jim Livingston “I AM RT.66” at the Route 66 International Festival, which will take place on August 7-8 in Zlin.
“I AM RT 66” is one of the most unique tributes to the USA’s “Mother Road”. While there are hundreds of resources about the sights and stops along this iconic highway, this project focuses on the people of Rt. 66: those who live along it, those who run its attractions and those living the dream of traveling it. Our team is dedicated to helping preserve the legacy of this American icon and its pioneers.
So, what exactly is I AM Rt 66?
The process is simple. Jim Livingston’s team travels to locations along Route 66 and organizes unique portrait shoots. Participants are asked to complete three sentences: “I am…”, “I regret…” and “Before I die…” on a plain, white piece of paper. That’s followed by a quick, informal portrait session with photographer Jim Livingston.
After the session, each individual's photo is combined with his or her handwritten answers to create a one-of-a-kind portrait that says much more than a simple photograph.
This comprehensive photo gallery forms the basis of a very impressive display, which is accompanied by a large-scale photographs of Route 66 and other artifacts.
“I AM RT 66” is continually touring around the United States and that's why we are very proud to present it at the festival - the first time behind the Big Pond..